30 mars 2013

Myo Sim Samurai

Samurais are so much fun to draw. The Japanese writing means Myo Sim, Karate and Kendo. (My kendo class in Charlottesville).

16 mars 2013

Tomb Raider Reborn

Here is my entry for the contest Tomb Raider Reborn Contest.
Above this is the sketch I drew for it on paper with a blue pencil.

02 mars 2013

Fantasy Of An Organic Machine

(click to enlarge)
I wanted to make an other Organic Machine like I like to do with more color and a sexual theme. I hope you like it.
Here are some closer details.

06 novembre 2011

The Mystical Wood

Hello everyone!! I've been working since several month on a children's book with a writter Simon Jenner. And the good new is that you can know more about it and buy it at the adress: http://mysticalwood.com/

23 mars 2011

Nap time for Lo

Here is my new artwork. It's a mix with graphite pencils, prismacolor markers and digital painting.
Hope you like it!
I have 10 prints (11"x17") for sale $20 each (+shipping if you're not in Charlottesville)

23 novembre 2010

Space Command

Here is the ebook cover I did. You can buy it for $1 !! ---> HERE on Amazon or HERE on Scribd

16 octobre 2010

Queen Elf

Here is a queen Elf from a doodle I made few month ago in a corner of my sketchbook.
And you can see the making of the colorization in the following video. Enjoy!

13 septembre 2010

Fashion Week Illustrée 2, je participe !


Graphiques, rock, rétro, glam, sexy, excentriques, coutures, minimalistes, les illustrations de la Fashion Week Illustrée sont tout cela et même un peu plus…

Les exercices stylistiques s’entrechoquent au rythme des multiples talents émergents qui défileront durant toute la semaine de la Mode (28 septembre au 7 octobre 2010). Il y a presqu’autant de propositions fashion que d’illustrateurs.

Ces derniers se sont concentrés sur un savoir-faire, une touche graphique et une personnalité unique afin de donner le meilleur d’eux-mêmes. Pour chaque dessin, les illustratrices et les illustrateurs vont innover à partir d’une création réalisée sur un thème « So Couture et so glam ». Ils composeront d’après l’univers d’un styliste qui leur est proche ; à chaque illustrateur son couturier.

Tout au long de ce web-défilé, l’esprit mode sera donc transversal et versatile, et permettra aux créatifs participants de promouvoir leur travail autour d’un événement collectif. Un événement artistique 2.0 à suivre avec attention sur le blog d’Amylee (www.amylee.fr) ! En exclusivité pour cette deuxième session, retrouvez mon illustration le : 6 Octobre 2010

On ne sait plus où donner de la tête devant autant de profusion d’idées, de styles, de couleurs qui placent la Fashion Week Illustrée sur le nouveau parcours artistique des événements fashion.

English :

Graphics, rock, retro, glam, sexy, eccentric, seams, minimalist illustrations of Fashion Week Shown are all of that and even a little bit more ...

The stylistic exercises collide to the rhythm of many emerging talents who will parade throughout Fashion Week (September 28 to October 7, 2010). There are almost as many proposals as fashion illustrators.

They focused on expertise, a graphic touch and a unique personality to give the best of themselves. For each drawing, illustrators will innovate from a work created on a theme "So Couture and so glam.They will illustrate from the universe of a designer who is close to them and for each illustrator a different designer.

Throughout this web-parade, the mode spirit will be transverse with what each participants will promote their work around a collective event. An art event 2.0 to follow closely on the blog Amylee (www.amylee.fr)! Exclusively for the second session, find my illustration on: October 6, 2010

We don't know where to look with all those wealth of ideas, styles, colors that put the Illustrated Fashion Week on the new artistic course of fashion events.

17 mai 2010

Splice Contest

This is what happened when someone mix human DNA with lab rabbit DNA. Sure he eats his vegetables but there is a human and animal soul is in this creature with feelings and pain. Do scientists care about that ?

03 mai 2010

Organic Machine 15

Sorry to not posting more often here. So here is my new Organic Machine !! I hope you like it !

By the way I'm open for commission so if you want some artwork fom me, don't hesitate to send me an email at pfihue[at]gmail.com with your wishes and budget you have.

25 janvier 2010

Exhausted Angel

I drew this angel 4 years ago and I decided to update and do something with it.
Tools : graphite pencil, Painter IX
Another version here

13 décembre 2009

I had a Dream !

Dreams are weird and very hard to explain. It's for me just a product from our brain. That why for this work I tried to leave my mind working by himself avec my pencil.

Tools : - Graphite pencil for the idea
- Scanner
- Painter IX