19 novembre 2008

I'm connected again !!

After a while, I have come back to my blog with my computer. It feels good to find my links, my programs and my files (Oh my god ! I'm a geek). But during this time away, I wasn't a lazy butt like you can see with this drawing. I discovered the Prismacolor pens and I love them. I just did the grey background and some touches of white with Painter. I did another thing too, I opened an account on Deviant Art. So now you can buy different prints of this drawing.

5 commentaires:

Echo Shi Volla a dit…

Ha! I love the legs!
I went to France in Sep and spent 3 days in Paris, great art and excellent food! I have to say though, the bicycle system could improve a bit..Still it was just an amazing trip!

Anonyme a dit…

oh yeah! Elle est terrible cette créature! Et crédible avec ça! :)

Pierre F. a dit…

Echo >Thanks and I'm glad you liked your trip in France. I miss France for little things sometime.

aXelis> Merci !

Anonyme a dit…

ça te réussi l'air des USA !

Magnifique dessin, très recherché, en plus j'adore le fantastique

Bonjour à vous 3 ;)

Pierre F. a dit…

bidouille > Merci !!